Cartoons and comic humor and single panel gag cartoons are ideal for attracting attention to your professional print or other projects. Look through the various catalogs of cartoons by accessing the Cartoon Catalogs mentioned above . For example, BUSINESS CARTOONS takes you to my business cartoon selection . . and so on. High resolution image files can be sent to you and the gaglines under any cartoon can be changed to fit your readership or the project you’re working on. Coloring can be added to any existing cartoons also. If you have any specific question relating to a certain cartoon, please contact me and you may find answers in my ToonBlog. Customized humorous illustrations are also a specialty and any kind of image can be created under your art instruction. Rough sketches can be attached and then changes and modifications can be made according to your specific instructions. Final artwork can be sent to you in any high resolution file format. Cartoons in any of the selections here can also be redrawn a specific way or something could be added into the overall look and appearance of the image. A lot of options are available. My cartoon catalog page provides you access to categorized selections offering easy gallery previews of any image!
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NEWSPAPER-CARTOONS-logoThousands of cartoons are available for licensing at negotiable rates. Find the ideal cartoon for your project by browsing through the categorized catalogs listed, and refer to the identification number that appears directly beneath that panel. Cartoons are ideal for use in PowerPoint presentations, books, newsletters, apparel, web pages, print advertising, magazines, ezines, ebooks, posters, calendars, direct mail pieces, brochures, flyers, software, mobile applications, white papers and much more.

When inquiring about the licensing of any cartoon, please keep in mind that it is essential to provide as much background information as to how you will use the cartoon, since pricing depends on how the image will be used.


If used in a PowerPoint, how many attendees will be at the presentation? If used in a book, how many copies will be printed of your book? Providing similar answers like these will assist greatly in offering a quote or licensing fee. All cartoons in this group of catalogs I make available, are copyrighted and it is a violation of copyright laws to download or reprint cartoons without permission.

All IP addresses are recorded and violators are pursued aggressively through John Dozier Internet Law Specialists.

Ask questions if you have them: as existing cartoons can also be colorized and / or re-drawn to your specifications to better suit your intended usage. There is alot of flexibility I take into consideration when you have cartoons in mind for any of your projects, so don’t hesitate to ask. As the creator of all cartoons found throughout this website, please visit my artist biography and background information page; cartoonist Dan