Zazzle Promoter Program

zazzle promoter programZazzle promoter program is ideal for cartoonists. It’s the newest offering from the print on demand company that was offered in 2020. Zazzle has also aligned itself with large companies like Coca Cola and many more.

Seems like they’ve bolstered their base quite a bit! If you are a cartoonist who is using Zazzle and haven’t signed up to be in this new program, go to this page and sign up.

You will then be notified within a few days as to whether you’ve been accepted, and what actually happened with me is the email notice stated that my entire account had been converted to a “promoter account”.

What this means is basically  I can go through my various Zazzle stores and choose which specific items I want to promote such as greeting cards, calendars or t-shirts by using the actual “clean link” to those respective designs and paste or embed them into my Twitter, Pinterest or other social media feeds.

Cartoonists Can easily Join Promoter program

What happens is Zazzle recognizes those links and rewards you with an additional 35% of the sale amount.

I know that sounds crazy but it’s an incentive to Zazzlers to drive greater amounts of overall traffic to the Zazzle platform and it boosts sales of other member’s items. So in a way, it’s a win-win for you, Zazzle and the fellow Zazzlers you promote.

There are some caveats and things you need to actually be aware of, prior to engaging though, and I will try and make them as simple and to-the-point as possible in order to absorb and understand. See this screenshot below (click to enlarge – “X” in upper right corner enlarges more)

And if you need other information, go to the Zazzle forums and take time to research as you will definitely find many answers to some of the basic questions you probably have.

Again, you can test this out on your Twitter feed by copying a clean link which usually contains eighteen numbers preceded by the Zazzle domain name and product keyword that pertain to the  item.

Copy that URL and paste it into your Twitter feed and tweet it out.
If someone clicks it, goes to Zazzle and buys your product, you receive a 35% added to your overall commission.

This applies to other pages and products you tweet for other fellow Zazzlers. Keep in mind that in your product settings, where you can set your royalty, you should be at the very least, set it at ten percent, to get the Promoter bonus.

Here is an example of a “clean link” that applies to getting a Promoter bonus if someone finds your linkzazzle clean link on a social media page or blog posting that they decide to make a purchase from. This also applies to ther Zazzlers who have products that you share their links onto other pages elsewhere. Make sure no “?” question mark appears in the link as appears in a Zazzle Associate ID link like in the sample screen-grab I am providing further below . And also don’t forget: omit ?rf= AND everything after it, when you share links on your various social media pages and blog posts!

Keep your Zazzle Associate ID handy though, as that also earns you 15% referral earnings if used the way it appears in the sample provided. I hope by giving some visual samples like these that are provided for your review, that they’ll help in how to understand using them.

Another decent trick in finding your Zazzle “associate id” or now called your “Promoter id” is to simply copy/paste or type this URL in the address bar of your browser: Try it!Pretty cool huh?

Bookmark that and save if you wish, or you can get to the same page by going to the main Zazzle page and logging into your “My Account” in Zazzle, then when the next page appears, navigate to the middle “Associates” tab (in My Account – Associates – Earnings section). On that same page you’ll also see promotional tools mentioned in the middle column’s ‘Design Center” that is definitely of interest.

Why? Because you’ll understand over time that self promotion will be yet another aspect you’ll need to engage in, in order to get your products and stores noticed. How? If you have a Twitter account, it will be a good start in actually sending out tweets that are linked to your various store designs. Not to mention using the Promoter ID in the ways described here in order to reap the rewards offered by Zazzle.

Additional Tools Exist To Assist In Promoting Zazzle Products

Other interesting Tools exist out there which you can use in conjunction with your various promotional efforts and one interesting program I discovered is called Nifty Toolz. A unique and easy-to-use software I highly recommend.

After I first tried it, I noticed it has simple to follow set of instructions and I was on my way to promoting with this program in around 5 or 10 minutes. Like any new programs, you need to read through and visually absorb steps to understand the basics. Give it a try! And here is a link for “membership subscriptions” information.

Once you begin uploading your designs onto Zazzle products, then you can later organize them into collections. Such as your own coffee mug collection, postcards collection, clocks collection and calendar collection and on and on.

Each product can be a collection of sorts, and like anything, it takes time and patience. You will also get lots of insights, help and feedback from the various established sellers you will find that are located throughout the forums you can join in Zazzle. That’s another area I highly suggest. Don’t expect to set the world on it’s back-side from your first uploads.

Maintaining a Zazzle presence and promoting all of your images, cartoons and illustrations is a painstaking and time consuming venture and only those with a strong creative understanding of marketing, designing, self-promotion and perseverance will ultimately survive and prosper.

If you’re thinking of starting a Zazzle store and have any questions, drop a line and I’ll try and assist you. If you are a fellow Zazzle Promoter and want to join forces in reciprocal promotions, contact me with your ideas and let’s strategize. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to stop by!