Zazzle Cartoons

Zazzle Cartoons

Target what you want to offer your store visitors! Don’t be a small store on the web. Zazzle cartoons are available  in  several stores and considering the number of cartoons I have in my archives, could probably launch other niche stores. By an “on demand” online store, I mean a store that does not require you to hold any stock or pay any staff.

Once you open your account, each member gets a free “online store” to showcasezazzle cartoons their designs and products. Don’t be afraid to have your store be too specific, you can always open multiple niche stores if you’re looking for a greater audience and combine those sales for your total sales bonus. If it’s a pain in the butt to navigate your store, people simply won’t bother, and will click away to someone else’s store.

Cartoon niche stores on Zazzle

Your store will get off the ground quicker the more targeted your designs are. If you start a store for “white tail deer hunters from Michigan”, you will find you have little competition for sales but also probably very few sales to compete for. Don’t be afraid to have a good niche, you can always open multiple niche stores as I had done. If you’re looking for a larger audience, you could combine those sales for your total sales bonus.

Getting started. Setting up an account is easy. Take time to read and understand how this online sales platform works, how to upload your images to your store(s) and so forth. I always save my cartoons in high resolution PNG format and upload them directly to Zazzle as PNGs and can size them within my store’s product configuration page. That key word if “effort”. I mean, putting effort into your cartoons of course, but then studying the platform itself. Understand all of those particulars! All of my Zazzle cartoons on giftware were saved in Photoshop as PNG files and uploaded in this same file format!

Think about weighing the costs versus your profits.

Look at other people’s designs and see what other store owners have done with their stores. Post comments on designs you like and leave messages on store home pages. People will often ‘look up’ people who comment on their stores. Look at the various comments on my specific Zazzle cartoon gift store page to see what I mean.

The hard part is making it generate money for you on a regular basis. With some time invested, and patience, along with knowledge about Zazzle’s inner workings, you can make a store more than pay for the effort you put in, and that is the key word to point out here, effort.

Decent writing can make an impact on your products placement in search results and the likelihood of making a sale. Everyone appreciates doing business with companies and people we like.