Cartoons On Zazzle Products

Zazzle Cartoon Giftware

Zazzle cartoon giftware stores can be simple to set up, or difficult. That choice is up to you. The best thing about creating a cartoon store with zazzle, it costs you nothing but time to manage and open. Using a verifiable email address, you can create a username and password, then immediately and easily open your first store.

I can go into better details in later posts about specific marketing platforms but this blog post is a basic guide, so let’s start with the basics.

Optimize your cartoon images on Zazzle by tagging

Get visible and noticed. Get your store “spidered” by the search engines.

Tag like it’s hot! Show search engines what your designs are all about. A good sample site might be my gifts for dog loverszazzle cartoon giftware

By an “on demand” online store, I mean a store that does not require you to hold any stock or pay any staff. Every time an order is placed from your store, that product is made “to order” or made “on demand”, processed, packaged and shipped by Zazzle. You get updated notices that your products have been purchased, directly from Zazzle.

Zero cost to open your cartoon giftware store

Once you open your account, each member gets a free “online store” to showcase their designs and products. Once your designs are made and uploaded to your “online store” you have two options; you can sit back and let zazzle do its thing– with a bit of luck you’ll make some sales and the checks will start coming in.

A “tag” is a label added to your products or designs that enables search engines to know what your designs look like. A search engine can’t “see” pictures, so by adding tags, this helps you to describe what a cartoon looks like. Using irrelevant but popular tags may get your products listed in search results, but it won’t sell shirts. Make sure when you tag a cartoon for descriptive purposes and so the search robots find and categorize your cartoons and products, that the words you choose are targeted and pertain to that cartoon artwork. In doing so, you’ll help the overall SEO or search engine optimization of your page and the store itself.