Yooper Coffee Mugs

yooper coffee mugs

Yooper coffee mugs are available via my Zazzle page (just click the image above to go to the store page)! If you seek some other cup to sip, drink or slurp your favorite blend of coffee, latte or mocha from, have a look and consider adding this one to your collection! I have created many Yooper cartoons over the years which have appeared in comic books, t-shirts, calendars and much more.

Many of these cartoon panels have been included in my feature Yooper Bloopers that once appeared in newspapers across the upper peninsula. Some of the newspapers that featured the panel included: The Ironwood Daily Globe, The Houghton Daily Mining Gazette, The Norway Current, The L’anse Sentinel, The Marquette Mining Journal, The Grand Marais Pilot and Pictured Rocks Review and several other weekly newspapers.

Yooper Coffee Mugs Featuring Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Don’t forget that the page where my coffee mugs appear also offers you a special discount code that sometimes offers up to forty percent off the list price, so make a note to take advantage of this offer. It may be helpful to save the page or bookmark my store page and simply revisit at different times when a new discount may appear. Discounts are an attractive pricing feature that is offered in order to get you to visit and even buy so please take note.

You can also personalize any design using the Zazzle tool to put your name or a family member’s name on the mug of your choice. Not only that, you can take the design that’s visible on the mug and actually put it onto an entirely different product. Perhaps you’d like tp publish the cartoon on a poster or a plaque or certificate, you can do it.

Do you have other ideas or concepts for new Yooper cartoons? I am always open to seeing new ideas and if you want to email me at my address on the contact form page, feel free to reach out anytime.