T-shirts For Yoopers Featuring Yooper Brain Ideas

yooper brain shirtCartoon t-shirt available for the holidays that is targeted for Yoopers. My Yooper brain shirt is available from my Yooper Zazzle store and I think you will agree that all of the lobes mentioned on the cartoon will be identifiable!


I’ve created a bunch of cartoon humor that relates to Michigan’s upper peninsula and have a huge archive of artwork that ranges from deer hunting to taking saunas.
Other well known topics revolve around that annual ritual deer hunting and of course eating pasties or just pasty cartoons.

Illustrations for t-shirts created

You might also have a special idea that you’d like to have illustrated, for use on your own t-shirts, hoodies etc. to commemorate an event such as a family gathering, a Yooper trail ride that’s become an annual tradition etc.

I’ve created these kinds of cartoons in the past. If you have time to browse my various Yooper Cartoons, any image offered can be re-drawn to your liking for use on a gift item you are planning for giving to friends or family members also, as this is yet more flexibility I offer regarding my cartoons and illustration services.

Let your imagination be your guide, and there just might be some type of idea or concept that may lend itself for an application or use on a product or item I have thought of.

As always, I can answer your specific questions regarding the cost to create something, and provide a turn-around time regarding any time table which might concern you.

Yooper brain shirt and other cartoons for Yoopers

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