Writing Cartoon Ideas

Understanding cartoon ideas and writing cartoon ideas are important to gag cartoonists. I recently began sharing how I conceive the overall idea for gag cartoons. I am sharing yet another single panel cartoon here and want to reiterate how the concept came about.

The cartoon here is depicting two professors at a board that has a complicated looking equation written across the board.

writing cartoon ideas

At the time, I was coming up with various starter concepts for gag cartoons and was looking at one of my phone bills. There were all kinds of small taxes added to the bill like a “state 9-1-1” tax, a “Federal Access” tax and on & on. No breakdown supplied on what these really were, but the fact is, they were taxes that inevitably added up. Other unusual charges described in the monthly invoice were things like “Federal Universal Service Fee”, a “Michigan State Access Fund Fee” and aside from these so called “fees”, there were “charges”, to which an additional confusing breakdown is included in the monthly invoice.

Complicated cartoon concepts out of thin air

Trying to decipher all of this I felt was as confusing and akin to trying to understand a calculus equation and that’s when it dawned on me to turn the thought, or the interpretation thereof, into the cartoon I am sharing here. Does this make sense?

Phenomenal gag concept can sell low quality cartoon art

Good cartoon ideas can sometimes come out of thin air when you least expect it. When I’m looking for cartoon ideas to draw, I try not to force the process. Many times, I get inspired by others creativity and drawing style and browsing other magazines that appreciate single panel gag cartoon humor are many times the best go-to resource. Writing cartoon gags is not a science but does take alot of patience and time to learn.