Writing Cartoon Gags For Syndicated Cartoonists and Gag Cartoons

Writing Cartoon Gags

Writing cartoon gags for cartoon strip artists and gag cartoonists is a science. In another conversation, the Lockhorns were discussed and I thought I’d share an old momento from the old days when I wrote gags for Bill Hoest‘s syndicated panel.

Syndicated Cartoon gag ideas

I think he was listed in one of the trades as seeking ideas and the husband/wife humor is a niche where ideas come fairly easy if you concentrate a little.writing cartoon gags

Bill was so prolific in the early 80’s I am certain he used a lot of writers since he did the Lockhorns and had a panel in Parade magazine about an oversized Saint Bernard dog named Howard Huge….then he launched yet another syndicated feature called Agatha Crumm and not to mention he was doing a weekly panel that appeared every week in The National Enquirer called Bumper Snickers about people in car accidents, dumb drivers, driving school cartoons and while he was doing all this, he was selling single panel gag cartoons to Playboy and other big magazines when the market was ripe for gag cartoons.

Bill’s approach to responding was relatively simple…he had postcards he’d put in with returns and they had a cartoon of a rabbit with a blank face on them….if he held some of your ideas, he’d sketch a smiley face with a note on the ones he was going to use or frowny face on batches he’d reject.

Cartoon gag writing is still a valid outlet for writers

Obviously the bunny cartoon was in reference to his wife Bunny who helped in his cartooning operation. A very cool story from a time when cartooning was going full bore in the world of print. Although many markets still exist in the cartooning business, ranging from book publishing and advertising agencies who need cartooning services, cartoon gag writing for magazine gag cartoonists is still a valid platform for those who want to see their ideas in print.