WordPress Cartoon Plugin

Daily Web Cartoon Plugin For WordPress Users

WordPress cartoon plugin I offer for those who want to add my daily web cartoon has officially been updated. I touched upon the fact that my plugin is a good alternative for adding my daily web cartoon to those who use WordPress. wordpress cartoon pluginEven though I offer a line of code on my daily web cartoon page, it may be much easier for WordPress users to go with the plugin since it allows you to customize things a bit more on your page. After recently reconnecting with my developer Michael Busch, he decided it was time to update the plugin to be conducive up to the most recent version of WordPress (as of this writing, version 4.8) so he went ahead and did the appropriate work and voila…everything is good to go!

WordPress cartoon adds good content to your site!

I have reiterated in previous posts how adding content can generate good vibes for the overall look and layout of any website that seeks to add some diversity to the site. Humor is a mutual trait among most of us and when you incorporate a little cartoon content into your layout, you make a statement.

The cartoons I offer in this plugin will auto-update once every 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Every single image scheduled for appearance, is guaranteed by yours truly, to be 100% family-friendly and never anything vulgar. There are millions of other sites where you can go to find vulgarity, which is what makes my daily cartoon so unique. You might find something about talking insects or talking animals, to two computers having an intellectual conversation in my cartoons. Anything goes….except vulgarity!

WordPress cartoon plugin can be downloaded in link below

The daily image is a static 500 pixels wide all the time. This makes it big enough for easy viewing and allows the developer, you…alot of extra room along side the cartoon to add another column for written content. If you appreciate the ease with which you’re able to download, configure and embed the cartoon, please make a donation if you wish to this link for Michael’s work. Go to very bottom of this page where you can access the and install the WordPress cartoon plugin!