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Witty Cartoonist Comedy

witty cartoonist comedy

This comedy club cartoon appeared in Parts Pups magazine, edited by Don Kite – one of my favorite editors. Parts Pups was a national newsletter full of jokes and cartoons that was distributed to auto parts stores nationally across the U.S. and Canada

Cartoonists present comedy in witty ways through their work and any witty cartoonist comedy can be found in the back pages of most magazines, on web sites, in your daily newspaper comic strips and more.

Are cartoonists considered comedians? Maybe in a way. I personally think there is a big difference. Either one wants to pursue cartooning or one wants to pursue being a comedian.

Nowadays with a declining print market, some cartoonists have turned to being comedians. Pretty cool if you ask me. Although personally, I do my best work with a pen and ink and I am never any good at talking to an audience….which is why I probably chose cartooning in the first place!

Cartoonists are comedians

Some people may ask if cartoonists are comedians and that’s a great question because in a way, I’ve felt I’m presenting a creative illustrated joke, in a way. So in a particular sense, maybe I am a comedian . . . a paper jester if you will.

Over the years I’ve studied various comedians on stage and they all offer good gags that can be used in a gag cartoon type of setting. Back in the early or mid 1980’s, the syndicated television show Benny Hill was a phenom for a time. The skits and pantomime with Benny and his Hill’s Angels were off the charts at the time and another great generator for gag cartoon humor.

Benny Hill the cartoon idea generator!

Benny’s skits doing Willie Nelson or Kenny Rogers left you with a big grin on your face and many times, the show gave me enough inspiration to create new cartoon gags on the spot. You sometimes had the impression that Benny was one of television’s funny comics for adults . . . even though it was tame by today’s standards.

I still encourage idea and humor starved cartoon aficionados to read as many hilarious comic strips and funny comic books when time permits.  Thanks for taking the time to let me opine on my views regarding comedy and cartooning!
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