Web impacts cartooning and cartoon suppliers

How the web impacts cartooning can probably best be described in an excerpt from Comic (and Column) Confessional by author Dave Astor.

An interesting excerpt from David’s book gives an in depth look on how the web impacted journalism, publishing and inevitably content like cartoons supplied by cartoonists.

web impacts cartooning

What follows can show this in the following verbatim text as follows:

When I was with New Jersey’s Passaic Herald News in 1978, I sometimes wrote about four or five stories a day.

You can’t do many in-depth articles under those circumstances, so I was happy to write loinger features for the monthly Marketing Communications magazine between late 1978 and early 1983.

But working for a monthly was a little too leisurely, so I subsequently found Editor & Publisher’s schedule to be just right.

The advent of the web affects many aspects of publishing

Then the internet forced me full circle. E&P’s print magazine switched from weekly to monthly publication in January 2004, but the requirements that working  fora daily – on steroids.

More work for no extra pay was something also being faced by countless other journalists and non-journalists.

Editor & Publisher’s redesigned site had six new sections, including one on syndication for which I was soon writing three or four pieces a day –  a total that would only rise.

I was also doing stories for other parts of the site and for the print magazine, as well as reading 1,000 or so emails a week and resolutely still answering all the answerable ones.

Journalism affected by explosion of internet

Yet, staffers were pushed to produce even more. I was putting in plenty of unpaid overtime, but vowed to myself to reserve some evening hours for my family.

After all, I had a fiancee and daughter I wanted to be with after going through a difficult marriage and watching my first child die.

I would have been nuts, now that things were better at home, to allow work to become the be-all and end-all of my life.

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