Web cartoon humor is available throughout the internet

Web cartoon humor is all over the internet. If you’re a fan of cartoons in general, or any kind of comics, the web lends itself greatly to this medium of humor!

web cartoon humor

They go hand in hand and I am happy the internet came along while I was alive! I have said it before but I was a technophobe when it became apparent that the internet would soon dominate the world and communication in general.

But here I was, well into my so-called cartooning career (almost a quarter of a century in), and drawing cartoons for various magazines and newsletter publishers and building up a heck of an archive of material.

Cartoons and the web are made for each other

It only made sense to assemble my material into my own online cartoon database and offer my images for reprinting and licensing.

What an ordeal to begin with though. Studying web design and hyper text markup language. Hand coding versus a text editor or web design software.

Really, where to begin? Luckily years earlier, I had kept in close contact with various cartoonists. Many of whom were getting accustomed to using the internet in different ways.

Web comics are another avenue cartoonists can consider

Some buying and investing in coloring software, others using the internet to promote themselves either through direct email contacts to editors and publishers while others tackled building their own web sites or launching their own online cartoon portfolios.

I was goaded into doing the same by a friend I had kept in constant contact with and am glad I made the transition when I did.

He provided a lot of advice, tips and tricks that I still use to this day.  Cartoonists, as a lot are very helpful to one another. At times early on, it didn’t seem like I myself and the internet were conducive with one another.

I say all of this, because if you are a cartoonist thinking of establishing his or her own online presence, it’s best to start as soon as possible and never let apprehension or procrastination get in your way