Visual artist specializing in cartoons

A visual artist is described in one word – “cartoonist”. Personally I think the term visual artist personifies a bit more.

I like to think of other terms that come to mind.

Ink slinger is another acronym for cartoonist

Terms like “graphic humorist” or “scribble monger“. Other terminology that applies (at least I think so) would be “ink slinger” or “graphic comedian”.

Or to keep it simple and what refers to most of these tems is just “cartoonist”.

I think “visual artist” is a bit too serious because most, if not all cartoonists are not serious people.

For the most part, we observe. I have observed well, over most of my life.

I continue to astound myself when I am roughing in a cartoon or sketching something and realize I apply a tried and true technique to simple things in cartoons I draw.

Comedians who draw funny humor

Things like how a baseball hat appears on someone’s head or what a woman’s high heel shoes look (and fit) like when I draw them.

visual artistI notice I have mentally trained myself to think as I draw and that thinking is so ingrained in my mind that I recall how I initially learned to draw running shoes for instance.

I can look at cartoons I created thirty years ago where a cartoon character is wearing tennis shoes or running shoes, and that same style of shoe I still draw!

I like to think that I’m not lazy when it comes to my cartooning and that being a visual artist has allowed me to keep my drawing style up-to-date and intact even after thirty years of cartooning!

However, if you draw enough, sketch cartoons enough and feel comfortable with a drawing style you’ve developed over as many years as I have, I think you’ll know what I mean!