Visionary Creativity

Visionary Creativity

visionary creativity
A book entitled Visionary Creativity by author John Lobell is one that comes highly recommended here at the ToonBlog. For any cartoonist, artist, illustrator or photographer or whatever your creative “bent” may be, please get a copy.

The focus that John sheds light on (from my perspective) is to inspire those who have an idea, concept or drive to make a statement and achieve a certain goal. If you’re already artistic, it will bolster your creative confidence and make you realize.

If you are an idea person it will inspire and feed your impulses. It is a great platform to germinate ideas from and nurture your “inner creative”.  As a cartoonist, I sometimes reach for an anthology on underground comic artists for some much needed inspiration, or possibly grab one of my Best Editorial Cartoons Of The Year books or my trusty Cartooning The Art And The Business book.

This one is now added into the mix because it touches upon the big thinkers who launched wonderful ideas and concepts into the world. Quotes by recognizable names like Steve Jobs, Roger Ebert and other famous thinkers and inventors are mentioned. Others such as Ray Kurzweil and Daniel H. Burnham are profiled in a very in-depth set of footnotes to set you off into a mind boggling venture of thought.

Throughout the 300 pages of information, John touches upon the fact that a waning creativity around the globe would have a great negative impact on society and the world. Because it is the creativity resulting in “thinking outside of the box” that makes the world and life a great experience.

Get the book from your nearest dealer or look it up on your favorite book seller platform! It’s a doozy!

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