Vampire Cartoons
vampire cartoons

Vampire cartoons are also accessible here at DansCartoons and I wanted to quickly post about them since Halloween is now around the corner as of this writing. I like doing those crazy cartoon characters depicting Count Dracula and many others.

Vampire cartoons inspired by Creature Features

Growing up as a Baby Boomer, the movie genre evolved as I got older. Watching the old black and white movies on Saturdays scared the daylights out of me. If I recall correctly, KDAL television out of Duluth Minnesota had a weekend monster movie show called ‘Creature Feature’.

It wasn’t unusual to see certain vampire cartoon shows on Saturday morning kid’s shows. Remember Count Chocula? He even had his own cereal! And KDAL’s Creature Feature  just wasn’t vampire movies, but everything from Robbie The Robot movies to all of the crazy Godzilla series. They were all great!

So that indelible impression was etched in my mind and probably a good reason why I have the penchant for drawing vampire cartoon characters in many of my gag panel cartoons. I’ll share some of my favorite vampire cartoons to follow and offer them up for licensing in any professional endeavor.

Vampire cartoons offered here for any professional project

Any of these cartoons can be easily downloaded after purchasing using any credit card and you will get a high resolution image file you can either print out for pasting into any specific application or the image file can be formatted and used in your page layout.

Any questions can be answered as soon as possible upon contact and I also want to re-emphasize vampire cartoons you are interested in can be colorized, re-drawn or even have the caption below the cartoon changed or personalized to your preference. Just let me know.