Show your sense of humor by using cartoons

Using cartoons for your review to consider for books, catalogs, presentations, posters, calendars, brochures, direct-mail pieces, articles, blogs, social media, apparel and more!

using cartoons

Cartoons offered in the catalog you can access here are available for so many other uses aside from what’s mentioned in the list above.

Think about it, there are so many print possibilities alone. Such as calendars, greeting cards, business cards, placards, billboards, vehicle signage, wallpaper . . .you name it. Your only limitation is your imagination!

Using cartoons in a book or an article or newsletter will enhance any text and also by choosing the right cartoon, it can enhance the message in your article or story immensely. Your readers may just understand the article that much better, and at the same time will get a laugh from your content along the way!

Illustrations and cartoons can be customized

Have something specific to say? Are you ensconsed in a well thought out article and looking for a good cartoon or illustration to accompany your writing? My custom cartooning and illustration services may just be the remedy.  You can provide me with a segment of your article that needs enhancement with a cartoon or humorous illustration and I read through the story.

Cartoon content created under your art direction

I will then render some rough sketched artwork and attach it for your review and consideration. An illustration or cartoon that is customized may be more personalized to your readers and help to make a direct statement to your readers or visitors instead of licensing one of my existing single panel cartoons from my catalogs.

Questions about any cartoon services answered asap!

There are so many options, and all you have to do is contact me with questions whether it’s about a cartoon, or a custom illustration or the actual copyrights about cartoons I create. No question is to big or small when it comes to the use of cartoon in any proffessional projects.