Understanding Cartoon Ideas

Understanding cartoon ideas is a good subject in which I want to touch upon from time to time on the ToonBlog. In it, I will include a specific cartoon which I’ll share with you and basically dissect the entire concept.

This in the hopes it can help others who want to write cartoons or at the very least, get new ideas or concepts from which they can create their own cartoons from.

How cartoon concepts are conceived

This won’t be meant as a cartoon analysis guide or be specific about any cartoon analysis techniques, but rather share how I conceived the overall idea, or gag if you will. And hopefully provide bits and pieces on what else occurred to me along the way when conceiving a specific cartoon. Below is a cartoon I created almost eight years ago as gas prices were going up and down – and when don’t they fluctuate?! I was at a gas station and glanced at the person at the other pump holding the fuel nozzle at just the right way where it reminded me of how someone holds a gun.

understanding cartoon ideas

I can’t explain what possessed me to interpret that person, in that pose, just at that time but I automatically thought from a reverse aspect of the pump itself, using it’s own handle for a weapon – as if it were holding up the customer for money. Robbing a customer!

A cartoon concept is born!

Maybe it’s factors like the economy, crime, the products we use in everyday life all combined into one scenario and viola . . . a cartoon gag or concept was born. I mention this, because it isn’t a traditional way in which a gag cartoon concept is formed. Most times, cartoonists will sit down in a “writing session”. Jotting down a conscious flow of places or things, people  and even free flow sketching to generate new cartoon gags.

In future posts, I will share other ways I’ve had cartoon ideas dawn on me.