ufo cartoonsUFO cartoons are fun to draw. I have always had a penchant towards rendering little space aliens in ufo cartoons! Not sci fi or science fiction really, but silly humor that depicts aliens in odd predicaments or situations.

There are more and more stories emerging that relate to extraterrestrials and ufos and creatures from other worlds.

All made popular by such late night radio talk shows about the bizarre, or television documentaries such as Ancient Aliens, Even newspapers are continuously running stories about Area 51 and other places where crashed spacecraft are being reverse engineered by technicians.

Alien Cartoon Humor

Are we living in bizarre times when this is all we can hear or read in the news> Well, you have your choice though….you can pick your favorite losing football or baseball team to follow or simply listen or read up on the latest stories that appear about collusion and Russia.

At least you have other options if you’re not into E.T.’s or UFOs! Take a little time if you would like to browse my main cartoon catalog that I have assembled which features a wide variety of a favorite genre of gag panel cartoons that you could use in a book possibly, or maybe a humor newsletter or web site you are building.

If you can’t find the right ufo alien cartoons, contact me to ask any cartoon questions you might have. If you don’t see the exact cartoon, I may just have something else on file that doesn’t appear in my catalog and I can attach it in a follow-up email for you. Visit my ufo cartoons catalog if you’re searching for something as I might have the right cartoon to fit your content.

My cartoons are sometimes profiled on other space alien related sites like Alien Resort, so if my work is familiar and you like the articles, let them know. Thanks for considering licensing my cartoons!