Trump Cartoons

Trump Cartoons

Trump cartoons are probably the most popular type of political cartoons on the web these days.

trump cartoons

Illegal alien Trump cartoon

Especially with the volatile feelings in the political spectrum which president Donald Trump has generated. It seems the left cannot accept the fact that “The Donald” earned his way with the votes of the blue collar states including Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The left is still aghast as to why Hillary couldn’t get one of these states to see her way into the White House.

And then it becomes even clearer when you look back and see how she degraded the coal miners during her run for the presidency. Granted, Hillary had won the “popular” vote, but it isn’t winning the popular vote that guarantees a candidate’s way into the White House.

Political cartoons are popular all year

There is an actual reason the Electoral College was formed in the early days by the framers. In fact, it’s rather intriguing as to how much foresight our forefathers had in the way the entire layout of the Declaration Of Independence was written. How insightful were these people, and how knowledgeable to ascertain all of these unique declarations so many years ago.

Of course, it helped a lot, when you consider these people wanted to escape excessive taxation and outrageous inhumane treatment that existed throughout the European continent in years earlier. I’ve been asked to create cartoons that denigrate Donald Trump and humiliate his family.

Custom Donald Trump cartoons

Do we not think he’s doing a good enough job of that on his own? I tend to create my cartoon humor based on “impulse” or what I tend to find is comical or funny at a time the notion strikes me. Or I need to have that revelation come over me where an idea is just to good to ignore! A few more of my Trump cartoons are offered here for your perusal and of course not allowed for reprint in any form unless otherwise noted. Please contact me with any specific questions about any of the cartoons you see here or if you want to have  custom Donald Trump cartoons created!