Tool cartoons depicting cartoon characters using tools and equipment

Tool cartoons with tools depicted in them are available! Have you looked for tool cartoons? Have you used any tool cartoon humor in your book or newsletter or other publishing projects?

I have specialized in tool cartoons for a long part of my adventureshammer carpenter cartoon in cartooning. I’ve created custom tool related cartoons for different trade publications and have created many of them for my regular cartoon panel I draw for World Fence News.

If you’re specializing in a story about ‘Hand Tools” or any articles about safety based use of power tools or the dangers of tools, I can assist you with the artwork.

Cartoon humor depicting the use of tools

power drill cartoonLooking for a cartoon of a carpenter wearing a tool belt? Possibly with various types of hammers or ball peen hammers or what have you? My creative process enables me to work expeditiously towards any deadline you might have. If you have a project and you have specific questions around the potential inclusion of cartoons? Just ask.

I can supply a quote based on the various elements of usage of the artwork. Keep in mind, color will make a big difference in the overall intrinsic value of a custom created tool cartoon, since color has a greater impact on the viewer / reader and draws or attracts attention. I’m providing some sample tool cartoons along with this article to give you an idea of my drawing style and the color enhancements I can give any kind of cartoon you need.cartoon screwdrivers

Comics and cartoon humor featuring the use of equipment tools

I work in Photoshop and will colorize artwork based on your instructions and any cartoon can be formatted based on your tool cartoonsintended usage or application of cartoons I create for your project.

Whether your project involves a book about proper hand tool safety or if you’re blogging about new tools and equipment and need a cartoon to enhance the story or article, I am here for you. In the mean time, thanks for looking and don’t hesitate if you have questions, I am here for you!