Tombstone Cartoons

Tombstone Cartoons

tombstone cartoons

Cartoon Epitaphs

When it comes to tombstone cartoons, I occasionally see something funny in a gag where the epitaph on a tombstone may work well in the overall scheme of a panel cartoon. Another element that lends itself well to this type of cartoon is the fact they can be captionless. No gagline or characters that speak…..just someone interpreting the wording on a grave marker that speaks volumes.
The cartoons I’m featuring in this collection won’t be your typical cartoon graveyard kind of humor nor will you find any tombstone clipart in this group of samples. Here are a few of my favorites….I have these registered as a cartoon title:
Toonstones“. If you have ideas for future Toonstones, contact me at my email address in the menu above.

My reasoning for having a penchant creating these gag panel cartoons is that each image will tell you it’s own story, right off the bat. Many memes you’ll find online show grave markers and tomb stones with comical phrases or sayings and the reader immediately gets it. They’re self-explanatory!

Epitaph cartoons and graveyard comics

Even though the humor is set in a cemetery or grave yard, you won’t see that typical cartoon bat or any kind of cartoon ghost lurking. Have any cartoon questions regarding my tombstone cartoons?

Do you see something that would work great if it was re-drawn? I can also re-draw any of my tombstone cartoons upon request if you provide the information and let me know how the cartoon will be used so that I can properly quote you based on that specific usage.

My licensing fees are very reasonable and I can also consider special requests in order to accommodate your budget. All that’s needed is to use the contact form and supply your phone number if you’d like me to call you.