Thinking Cartoons

Thinking cartoons  is easy and at times difficult. When thinking up cartoon ideas, I browse through newspapers and magazines….thinking cartoonsdoesn’t really matter how timely the content or goof the pictures are. I wanted to share what one of my favorite cartoons had me thinking when I generated the idea one day.

Sitting at the illustrious drawing board I saw a McDonald’s flyer out of the old newspaper with the image that everyone knows and loves – the Golden Arches. I’ve had my fair share of Big Macs and Fish sandwiches and probably appreciate their coffee the most .It must be a communist plot behind their recipe because keep going back there. Two creams, two sugars every cup…ugh!

Cartoon gag about the “Golden Arches”

Or could it be getting my card punched for each new cup to realize how much quicker I’m getting to another free cup. I’m getting off track, but this gag depicts a guy staring up at the Golden Arches and voila….he sees that sign which tells how many burgers have been served.

Cartoon ideas generated from spinning concepts

I decided to spin it to how MacDonald’s food is so rich in fats and artery clogging plaque with a simple sign “Over A Gazillion Arteries Clogged“. I felt it much more appropriate and it would make such a great addition to my catalog of health cartoons I think.

Spinning an idea is yet another technique cartoonists can use in order to generate cartoon ideas. Just take a popular subject and see what’s associated with it. What other elements relate to that popular subject that may lend itself to a new cartoon relating to the main topic or subject matter? The main topic of this cartoon is of course McDonald’s Golden Arches and the other element is the sign under the arches, which was the focus of the spinning.