Thanksgiving turkeys serve a person on a platter

Thanksgiving cartoon greeting card featuring a cartoon of turkeys who are serving a person on a platter. My cartoon features a juxtaposition on the usual scene where Norman Rockwell shows a happy family of people who are about to enjoy their thanksgiving turkey dinner.  thanksgiving cartoon greeting cardI’ve always thought of a reverse psychology spin on well known scenes or scenarios that have resulted in a cartoon, and this one shared here, is offered to potential buyers seeking Thanksgiving holiday gift ideas. The concept initially makes for a comical scene, and the cartoon itself appears on various items throughout my store. When you get on the page, take some time out to browse and you’ll see the image is also available on hoodie sweatshirts and other items.

Zazzle offering cartoon gift ware that I offer

If you’re a Zazzle store fan, tell me what other gift items you’d like to see my cartoon appear on, since I can add more content to my store pages and set up new items to offer potential customers. If you are a follower of this ToonBlog, feel free to drop me a line with any new ideas you have that you think will make a great Turkey Day gift! No idea would be too droll as I have launched certain cartoon concepts of my own that would never generate any attention, when in fact, those cartoons on specific gift items have turned out to be popular sellers.

Turkey cartoons make great humor on Thanksgiving

Turkey cartoons are just a small part of my overall larger offerings of single panel gag cartoons I make available on DansCartoons and if you’d like to browse other cartoon merchandise I make available, just visit any of my Zazzle stores where I provide bunches of my favorite cartoons on items like mugs and caps to bumper stickers and t-shirts! Thanks for stopping by and hope you’ll forward this info to a friend.