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©Cartoon copyrighted – available for licensing

Teaching cartoons are ideal to include in your educational print and digital projects. Projects such as newsletters, Facebook pages, class web pages, intranet sites, school district newsletters and much more.

School cartoons depicting interaction between students and educations are easily downloadable for all of your print or digital publishing projects.

I offer a wide variety of content for any school teacher and educator who seeks education cartoons. Cartoons that feature a variety of students and interactions between the typical student learning something and the educator are available via my catalogs. School cartoons that involve student and educators are also available.

Feel free to take your time when browsing my various pages and contact me with any questions.

Ask any questions you may have about any specific cartoon panel in the collections I offer.

Comics can be re-drawn, or re-captioned based on an upcoming class trip, a class course or a certain discipline being planned within the classroom. If you want to have a teacher cartoon colorized, I also work in Photoshop and can colorize anything to your needs.

Color will enhance the artwork and actually add value to the cartoon or cartoons. Color will attract the eye faster to your intended print or digital project.

Custom Education Cartoons

Need a custom teacher cartoon created? Something for an educational manual, book or event you are planning?

I specialize in custom cartoons and can bring your idea or vision to life. Cartoons can be used on posters to promote a gathering or event – either nationally or locally….perhaps something created for a free hand-out coloring book to advertise your school district.

There are a variety of options and ways in which cartoons and humorous illustrations can be used in order to promote your school district or educational event / gathering.

Education Cartoons Enhance Your Projects

The cartoon presented in this post is additionally available for licensing and is provided to show the potential in which color can enhance my cartoons.

Color is an additional aspect which gives the artwork a greater “eye appeal” and will attract the visitor or reader to your content. If you see cartoons in black and white that will work better in color, perhaps for a special calendar, then simply request this if you have questions.

My education cartoons have been published in many educational magazines and state education association trade magazines and newsletters. Magazines like School Administrator and Michigan Educator have published my single panel gag cartoons as have various newsletters, book publishers and consultants.

Consultants in the education sector have utilized my work in power point presentations including the various print materials they’ve used in conjunction with their presentations. If you are a facilitator or consultant, don’t forget about this.

Other Cartoon Content For Digital Education Projects

My daily web cartoons update automatically and are easy to add to your school web site or intranet page. The feature is a static 500 pixels wide and changes on it’s own, every twenty four hours. I guarantee all scheduled cartoons are one hundred percent family-friendly and there is nothing vulgar. Most content is either about current topics or events and sometimes involve pet cartoons or cartoons about animals and parenting . I can provide a simple line of code you can paste anywhere into the location of your site code where you want the image to appear.