Talking Cartoons

Talking cartoons about all verbal forms of communication are offered in my catalog of cartoon humor here. What do people do in order to exchange ideas, concepts, ideals and so forth? Talk! You form sentences and then speak to one another or over the telephone or even yell at one another. My talking cartoons may just appeal to an author writing a story about human language development.talking cartoons

Perhaps you need a cartoon lampooning the foibles of verbal communication or speech. You may have just found the ideal cartoon to embed in your blog post or newsletter column. My cartoons are as ecclectic as a cat talking on a telephone, to a man whose car is actually speaking to him and asking “are we there yet?!”.

A talking paper clip? No problem, I have it! Talking kangaroos? You don’t need to go to Australia! Browse my catalog. Maybe a priest talking to a parishioner in the confessional? Or perhaps two pigs talking to each other in a barn yard?

My offerings are also open to editing at your request. Simply tell me which cartoon of interest will need the gag line / caption underneath changed to better for your project and I can do so. Any cartoon or multiple cartoons you want to have colorized, can also be done.

Color will enhance the overall appearance of most black & white cartoons and attract the visitor’s or readers eyes to your content! Simply refer to the tracking or reference number for those cartoons and if an image has to be sent to you separately, I can accommodate your request. One good joke to keep in mind for anyone whose had a landline installed in their home before the popularity of cellular telephones is to ask your friends if the know what AT&T stands for. Tell them it means “Always talking & talking!”