T-Shirt Cartoon Designs

T-shirt cartoon designs are yet another great way for groups, companies, associations and others to promote an event. t-shirt cartoon designsI’ve had cartoons licensed from my various cartoon catalogs that get used on apparel and t-shirts and am going to recap this a bit more here. I am including a cartoon I had created which was a custom cartoon.

I want to use it because it’s a favorite illustration and I like the way it turned out. This was used to promote an event for a five k distance run and a group in Waconia, Minnesota which is located just west of Minneapolis. The creation of this specific custom cartoon went flawlessly.

  • The director of parks & recreation contacted me
  • I provided them with a quote on what I’d charge to create the
  • Parks & recreation gave me a description of what I was to illustrate
  • I emailed the director my rough sketches based on that info
  • The director reviewed the roughs, chose the best to work on
  • I made the appropriate modifications which they approved
  • I sent the high resolution image file for them to use on the shirts

Using cartoons on t-shirts gets your message across

This is as simple a process as it gets. I also emphasize the use of my cartoons if any Zazzle store owners want to form a business affiliate of some type. It would be easy to download any images from any of my cartoon catalogs for use on their store, and sell t-shirts with cartoons on them. Contact me and we could discuss such a proposal. I am flexible and I’m also available to create something customized for a line of apparel if you maintain a Zazzle store or Cafe Press store.

Cartoons on t-shirts get attention

Cartoons on t-shirts are a great way to emphasize your message and promote a function or an event and no job is too big or small.  To get further insights on cartoons used on t-shirts, my article about Donald Trump t-shirts will also provide more information. Contact me anytime to discuss – Thanks for taking time to drop in on the ToonBlog!