Syndicated Cartoons Online

syndicated cartoons online

Finding syndicated cartoons online is very easy . Cartoon reprint costs to license syndicated cartoons on the internet are costly based on the popularity of these features and legacy comic strips..

Editors have many other options for finding cartoon humor and using it in their newsletters, books and magazines. One option you may want to consider is using my cartoons that I provide throughout my cartoon web catalog here at DansCartoons. As I have reiterated here in the past, I provide much flexibility for editors and even newspaper editors who may be seeking material for their comics pages or editorial page.

Contact me at and don’t hesitate to ask in-depth questions, such as colorizing cartoons that you see which may have greater potential. Or if you want a certain panel re-captioned, I will do so under your guidance.

Fast turn-arounds are guaranteed. I mention all of this based on potentially having to deal with one of the cartoon syndicates.

This could involve a longer rate of response, due to them getting a creator’s permission or negotiating with their creator to work on a special assignment and this all takes time. There is no middle man involved when you deal with me. It’s just us, conversing and working out any details.

Even as far back as 1995, many comics distributors were beginning to make cartoons accessible on the web. Since this time, many cartoonists including myself are providing our work available to you the professional.

Cartoons can easily be chosen for the intended usage you prefer, and easily paid for and downloaded. Downloads of any chosen cartoon will NOT contain any water markings and they’ll be provided as high resolution image files you can use directly from the file you have access to, or you can print out a crisp copy of the chosen cartoons and scan them at your discretion.

The idea isn’t an old concept, as you’ll see in this article from Editor & Publisher magazine‘s May 6, 1996 issue where syndicates began to use the internet to their advantage by moving more of their syndicated cartoonists online.

Keep my alternative offer in mind if you are seeking political cartoons for your paper or something similar to syndicated comics, finding comics online is simple, but not as simple as the offers I can provide.