Suit Cartoons

suit cartoonsSuit cartoons featuring cartoon characters in suits. Most of my cartoon characters appear in suits and I’m going to provide some of my favorites here….some are in unusual settings like people in diver suits and cartoon characters in space suits but a majority appear in business suits. Business suits, because I’ve done a lot of business cartoons and some of my favorites are from that specific category.

Cartoons depicting various characters wearing suits

By taking some time to browse, keep in mind I can also re-draw any of the cartoons you find throughout my samples. I will also add color to any of the cartoons and can re-caption any of them to cater to your visitors or readers.

If you have a specific question, just contact me and a I guarantee a fast reply. See the various suit cartoons in my links to follow:

Also keep in mind that other suit related cartoon humor can be created under your art direction to be used in advertising and marketing. Custom cartoons are also my specialty and I thank you for taking the time out to visit and browse my samples.