Promoting Your Cartooning Services

subliminal gag cartoon usage

Custom gag cartoons like my sample here are becoming popular with advertising managers at magazines

Subliminal gag cartoon usage techniques are continuously being experimented with. As the world of print publication declines, I find myself pondering certain ways in which to combat this loss. By loss, I mean the actual market that once existed for using gag panel cartoons in magazines. Many print publications simply don’t use cartoons due to the fact that the cost of print stock has risen and combine that with the fact that advertising in a majority of  magazines has dropped to a point where publishing budgets don’t allow for purchasing outside contributions such as illustrations, photographs, articles and of course cartoons.

If you follow my cartoon articles here on the ToonBlog, you may notice I always emphasize a willingness to re-draw cartoons I offer or edit cartoons I provide here at DansCartoons. With that in mind, I was recently approached by an advertising manager for a regional magazine who proposed I re-draw specific pharmaceutical cartoons for one of their regular advertisers.

Experiment with your cartoon marketing approach

The magazine didn’t use content like gag cartoons but she proposed a unique offer where I create custom color cartoons based on her ideas. Each cartoon will revolve around the chain of pharmacies based in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and they will supply all the concepts and writing.

Editors are not the only users of gag cartoons

The other aspect to consider is that unlike ancillary advertising budgets themselves, most trade journals or regional magazine were in effect, only paying fifty to one hundred dollars per cartoon published. Sometimes on publication. This technique I use is different, in that the artwork is customized and tailored to an advertising client’s needs which will reflect a higher fee for the final  work. Subliminal gag cartoon usage has great potential I think.

Subliminal cartoon usage means additional visibility

And if you negotiate in a proper way, you can also use your domain in the final published cartoon. My DansCartoons appears in the upper left of the sample here, which acts as subliminal advertising in a sense. It’s a fantastic way to generate additional  cartooning exposure in advertising yourself. Other readers of the publication may see that artwork and possibly contact you for similar work or illustration services and the publication using the cartoons is paying me for the artwork as opposed to my paying them for advertising my cartoons.


Subliminal gag cartoon usage promotion will involve a lot of planning and preparation on how you want to offer your work to potential clients, but it certainly doesn’t end with the notion we’re all familiar with where we used to mail in our work on a freelance basis. Thinking outside of the box can accomplish a lot more than the traditional tactics involving cartoonists promoting themselves. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and please forward my information to an associate in the advertising business who you think can use custom gag cartoons for advertising clients like those mentioned here!