Student Cartoons About Learning

student cartoonsStudent Cartoons

Student cartoons will assist any educators and teachers in the learning sector. Use them in your presentations or if you’re doing a book about education, they will assist you in introducing each chapter heading!  Also great for your school newsletter. Have a school Facebook page? Use a cartoon to introduce your visitors to the content throughout the site.

Cartoons that depict interaction between teachers and student body have always been yet another favorite of mine to create. Cengage Learning has used my cartoons in their text books as has Pearson Educational Publishing.  An editor can ask me to colorize any black & white line drawing. I will gladly assist in re-drawing any of the cartoons you see, that might fit a specific topic better.

Education cartoons can also be customized

I can send you the rough sketch for consideration and if you like what you see, I’ll finalize the artwork (usually in pen and ink) and format the artwork into the preferred size or width to accommodate the project you’re working on and voila….that’s it!

Getting any cartoon colorized to your needs is equally as simple. Tell me what you need colored, how you will use the artwork and I can provide you with a quote. I work in Photoshop and can quickly open that image, add color, format and save the cartoon and send it to you as soon as possible. I also guarantee a quick response, so contact me with any additional questions as I can help with any cartoon.

There may also be the chance that you see an image that looks great, the idea also gives you a new “concept” for an idea of your own and I could also create a rough sketch for you, based on that vision. A custom cartoon so to speak.