Stock Cartoons

Stock Cartoons

A cartoonist’s existing catalog of material can easily describe stock cartoons. The existing catalog of work that’s being offered by a cartoonist is his or her’s stock or supply of work that is readily available in either a portfolio or detailed catalog for editors and art directors to review.

Stock Cartoon Content Easily Explained

Many stock cartoons that are offered by professional cartoonists are available for immediate downloading. If an editor, consultant, art stock cartoonsdirector or other professional is seeking a special single panel gag cartoon, they can easily find, pay for and then download that image in a high resolution JPEG file or contact the cartoonist for the high resolution image file of the work they like.

The general perception of the term “stock” or cartoon stock may seem as though it lessens the overall value of the artwork. Nothing can be further from the truth, in that  any and all cartoon imagery you see online is copyrighted along with a value applied to that copyright for any and all cartoons. How a cartoon is licensed or actually used, from any cartoon collection or online catalog is what sets that actual value, at the actual time of licensing the cartoon.

How a specific cartoon is used, whether in a small company newsletter or if used in a presentation with five hundred attendees can set that value or licensing fee as is provided by the cartoonist.

A huge database, offering tens of thousands of cartoons can afford to provide licensing fees at a much lower price per cartoon. While a cartoon image provider offering only his or her work will need to acquire a possible higher fee.

These higher fees reflect domain registration costs, maintenance costs such as hosting fees and costs involving designers who assist in keeping the web site running seamlessly.

I offer thousands of high quality cartoons that can be reviewed by category and paid for automatically, using any credit card. If there are any questions, as always, just email me and I can promise a fast response. Need to talk? Be certain to include your phone number and I will definitely return the call.

I tend to avoid offering my work as micro stock as it tends to demean the overall offering and value of one’s cartoons. I say this based on how other micro stock is sold and licensed in very small amounts or increments of cash. I see no way in which a full time cartoonist can consider him or herself as of value in this otherwise competitive business.