Staff Editorial Cartoonists

Cartoons Appeared In Plain Dealer Magazine

plain dealer sunday magazine cartoonsWhen the newspaper print market was open to gag cartoons, I frequently submitted my panels to a Sunday insert at one of America’s largest daily papers The Cleveland Plain Dealer. They published it weekly and it had a humor page that also included single panel cartoons. I’m showing a couple of my previously published samples here. It was around 2014 when I was on a forum for newspaper professionals and the subject came up about cartoons and humor. Out of the blue, I was contacted by Caren Gittleman who worked for the Sunday Magazine and she was in the advertising department of the publication from 1980 to 2001.

To further prove what a small world we live in, Caren mentioned she is the daughter of Ray Osrin, famed editorial cartoonist for The Cleveland Plain Dealer. As we got to communicating further, Caren gave me a video link to an extremely interesting and informative interview of her dad that provides great insight into the life and work of Ray and his success. Visit Ray Osrin editorial cartoonist for Cleveland Plain Dealer…you will enjoy it!

Staff editorial cartoonists were once an asset to large daily newspapers

The video itself is so interesting since it gives an inside look into a staff editorial cartoonist whose work was well illustrated and to such a professional degree, that the viewer gets an inside look at Ray’s political thoughts, the techniques he uses to illustrate his work and so much more. Watch as he uses a brush to ink in his rough sketches…extremely informative to the young cartoonists who may want to know about drawing tools and illustration techniques!

Daily papers may still publish Sunday magazines that use cartoons

Although the days may be gone where newspapers have a staff editorial cartoonist, there may still be weekly inserts across the country that are published by large daily papers that still might consider and use cartoons. If you’re ware of any, feel free to comment here and let me know and show some samples. I also offer an assortment of political cartoons if you’re looking for anything.