Space Alien Wedding Proposal Cartoon

space alien wedding proposal cartoon
My space alien wedding proposal cartoon was created on a whim. An editor mentioned it to me in a passing email and was writing an article about it. The cartoon created in this posting was the result. A rather whimsical quick free style sketch that I embellished in Photoshop with colorizing some appropriate areas and then formatted the image and saved it to an appropriate folder.

Space Alien Cartoons

A lot of my cartoons tend to be u.f.o. and extraterrestrial cartoons. I’ve created gag panel cartoons about this subject for years and they are a side line for me. A way of expressing my drawing abilities using a sci-fi’ish and whimsical style that I enjoy (as an escape).

Cartoon gags are also ideal in this day of social media where a cartoon panel can be shared in a Facebook post or on Twitter. Images like these will always have an impact with your followers since humor is just as important as using a plain meme.  Give your followers and friends something to ponder along with the message you are implying!

What makes are gag cartoon different than a “visual” meme? Nothing really, aside from a point that’s being made through a gag line that appears underneath the cartoon…giving it extra-added impact.  Go ahead! Try inserting a cartoon in your message and see if there is a difference in how your friends respond to a post you make or share.

Do you think your office, clinic or association can use a customized cartoon meme or gag panel created? Drop me a line to discuss, and if you want to talk it over, send me a phone number where I can reach you and we’ll take it to the next level!