Space Alien Cartoons

space alien cartoons

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Space alien cartoons are one of the favorites that I like to create. They allow me to put my imagination to use and think of a different realm or offer up ways in which to depict aliens.

When creating cartoons relating to extraterrestrials or UFOs or ET’s as they are called, I try to show my characters in a pleasant looking appearance…..two legs, two arms, two eyes, well, you get it!

Do real aliens exist as a blob with some form of what we know as being a brain? Do they have multiple appendages like an octopus? Instead of two eyes, do they possess multiple eyes similar to arachnids?

If I were to draw them in those ways, I feel they would be less attractive or appealing and wouldn’t appeal to an editor or creative director.

Oh yes, by all means I can certainly draw a creature that looks ominous and foreboding if you’d like, just tell me specifically what you have in mind and we could collaborate on some kind of frightening looking space alien creature if you actually are thinking of something for a specific project!

An alien is an alien I say! But to convey a run of the mill appearance, I have always illustrated then as a form of humanoid that resembles the human form.

The featured cartoon in this article is available for licensing along with any of the samples in the gallery presented here.

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