Social Media Press Releases

social media press releases

Social media press releases about your cartoons is not easy in this digital age. You have a multitude of resource at your fingertips and starting out at the very beginning is like trying to get an ocean cruise liner started with a ten horse power trolling motor!

I recently signed up with EIN Press Wire PR services. They seemed like a good place to try and during these down times I felt as though I had enough time and patience to at least devote to a well written press release. The inviting aspect to EIN is the fact they allowed me 1,000 words with this particular release so I had to write my rough draft and pick & choose the wording carefully so it came across as concise and to the point as possible.

This company also allows you three keyword text links to use within the content itself, along with a fairly good sized graphic that gets included with your story or article. Mind you, I think I have quite a few graphics on file to go through and choose from so I took time to craft a good promotional image to go along with it.

Unlike my cartoon related postings here on the ToonBlog which I keep short and to the point, I think my press release took about two days of writing. In between I was cleaning up some new cartoons I had created and off & on I had then came back to the press release and edited and spaced the content accordingly. Very time consuming but necessary when you’re putting these together.

Despite some extremely minor typos or wording disconnects in the overall grand scheme of the article, I think it was OK for making a point. Social media press releases about cartoons are not that common, so hopefully it generated some attention. Social media cartoons will attract attention to any page or pages they are used on, so if you’re a marketer or consultant who is working as the social media campaign manager, keep this information in mind.

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