Social media cartoons make a statement about your business or service

Social media cartoons will keep your visitors and followers entertained. More importantly, social media cartoons if used properly, will make a statement!social media cartoons

Social media is the internet platform where all businesses want to show their services and products.

Enhancing that content with cartoons is a no brainer. The cartoons that appear on social media can be custom created to fit your vision or what you’re offering online.

Any cartoons that appear on your favorite social media page such as LinkedIn can also appear on any other platform such as Twitter or Facebook.

Gag panel cartoons work great for social media pages

By using a single gag panel cartoon across multiple platforms, you’re gaining greater coverage and reaching more people online. You’ll also have the option of my creating a custom cartoon under your art direction that you can then apply on your intended Facebook page or other pages.

Many times, as I’ve previously stated, it’s the “custom” cartoon or comic panel that will be remembered by readers and visitors….so you have this option.

Cartoon images in social media are the perfect mix

Some of the best social media cartoon images used by larger corporations have embedded themselves in people’s memories to the point they identify with that company or business message.

Comics about social media are easy to find, but getting something custom created will go a long way in reinforcing your personal message because it will speak for you and your product or service.

For instance, you might be a political action committee seeking to have a custom illustration created. A political cartoon about social media may be exactly what could help get your message across much better than just a basic banner or logo.

Cartoons make the best social images because they infuse humor and also make a statement that you want your readers and visitors to remember. If you have questions about using cartoon humor in any social media, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can assist you with any questions you may have and also supply you with sample links to cartoon clients I work with. You have many options and I am available and at your service. Thanks for taking the time to visit!