Social Media Cartoon Humor

Social Media Cartoon Humor

social media cartoon humorI ought to have alot more cartoon ideas in my head that relate to Facebook and the rest, but haven’t got all of them down on paper yet.

It’s probably because I am spending time trying to fine toon (pun intended) my overall web catalog after recently relaunching it earlier in January of this year.

I’m also trying to put aside new ideas for other categories or “slants” and concentrate on those.

I have some new Facebook related cartoon catalogs I’ll shed some light on shortly but wanted to look back on my thoughts regarding the social media aspect of self promotion . . .something I am still not that knowledgeable on.

Over the last few years I’ve begun to realize there is an over saturation of social media that seems to permeate all aspects of the web and I am a bit guilty in the sense I’ve tried experimenting with promotion on many of these available platforms.

Truthfully, I don’t think any single one of them provides the so-called “magic bullet” for someone who is into marketing or self-promotion.

I really think you need #1. a web site and #2. an inherent ability to self promote your product….mine being cartoons. I have a business page on Facebook called Cartoons For Licensing and another page but I also have accounts with Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

I’ve received professional assignments from some of my connections at LinkedIn, not mention I moderate my own group for cartoonists there, called Information For Cartoonists which has had some very lively conversations in the past, along with some interesting and very helpful conversations that have resulted in tutorials for Photoshop and other artist tools.

So I appreciate that specific platform.

            Is Too Much Social Media Counter Productive?

On the other hand, I’ve been skeptical of advertising on Facebook and only see that useful for basic “sharing”….great for aunt Maude to share her sister’s newborn pics with all of her other family and friend connections and so on, however as a business vehicle I tend to look at this blog as my “Facebook page” and if any friends there were interested in my cartoons, I’d prefer that traffic to come directly to this specific page or my site, as opposed to giving FB any excess added traffic.

I don’t even know if that makes sense! I initially signed up with Facebook several years ago and forgot about it until one day, a connection request came from a friend who was promoting a music festival.

That “friend request” immediately resulted in a bunch of new friend requests that prompted me to see some sort of promotional value with the site.

At the same time, I was signed up with a program at LinkedIn which automatically alerted my connections on that program that I had a FB account which sent an automatic  request to each one of them and in a short period of time I was over the 5,000 friend mark.

I mention this because as I was trying to share alot of my cartoons, it resulted in no actual work and I discovered myself spending more time interacting with old friends and contacts and actually wasting time browsing different friend’s pages . . . which was time I could have spent actually creating new work and promoting my availability in other areas.

When I decided to devote major time in rebuilding my current web catalog you’re visiting here, it was apparent I stay away from all social media in order to stay productive.

              Cartoonists Can Use Social Media To Their Advantage

I have an inherent propensity to self promote and market my work. When the web began to proliferate, I signed on with other “social” sites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, BackPage etc. Really, it can drive you crazy trying to grasp it all and properly use it but up until this point I’ve concluded having one’s own blog can act as an actual nerve center of sorts and that may be all you need.

I think if anyone’s social contacts out in cyberspace want to know what you’ve been up to, simply blog about it.

Don’t worry, they’ll eventually find you and stumbleupon a link you’ve shared and even a crazy illustration or goofy cartoon you’ve created!

You’ll certain maintain your sanity and of course if you like being autonomous to a certain extent like me, then set up your own blogging platform.

There is also the fact that many content management systems like WordPress (which is what I’ve built this platform with) provide components and plugins that enable you and your visitors to share your page or pages outwards to social media, which takes away your commitment to actually having to go on each of the social sites directly to get your message or statement out to the internet.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that if I were to have stretched out on a big naugahyde couch in some pscychiatric office, I’d probably be diagnosed with PTSMSD (post traumatic social media stress disorder) no doubt . . . and there may even be a gag germ for a cartoon concept in there somewhere!

I certainly don’t foresee the concept of social media going away in the near future since there is too much money involved for the parties at the top echelons and there will be a lot of evolving and modification which will no doubt make for interesting things on the horizon for heavy duty users of the internet . . .interesting times for certain.

In the meantime I will continue to press on ahead and use the medium as best I can and in the safest manner and hopefully develop new and funny cartoon concepts to add to my growing catalogs here.

I’ve recently created some Facebook related cartoon humor and have assembled the work in a couple of different layouts that I hope my visitors and followers will get a laugh from – and of course share to their respective favorite platforms.

Note the sharing buttons I offer at the bottom of my pages, so feel free and click them if they’re worthy.

Cartoons on social media attract visitors

My latest venture into yet another platform is Google + and I like it’s immediacy in allowing the user to get almost “instant” backlinking to pages and blog postings in one’s own site (great for search engine optimization), but am still learning the platform and don’t want to spread myself too thin without abusing it. Afterall, this is the “Big G” we are talking about.

If you happen to be a “plusser”, feel free to add me to any of your circles by hovering over my hyperlink in my G+ banner on the side of the page!

As always, keep laughing, it sure isn’t going to hurt you! Don’t forget, using cartoons on Facebook and any other social media platform will show your sense of humor.