Snowblower Cartoon

Snowblower cartoon I did quite some time ago is on the internet and appears on Pinterest. I thought I’d share the tweet here for those who might have a sense of humor and know what a snowblower is and how important these machines are, to those living in the upper midwest of the U.S. where large amounts of snow can accumulate.

My snow blower cartoon will definitely be understood by those who are true Yoopers since they are just as important in winter months as lawn mowers are in the summer months.

Snowblower cartoon humor is very unique!

Cartoons also in my Yooper Cartoons catalog feature similar kinds of humor and in fact, many relate to snow  and the bad weather that affects normal life in the northern tier of states. It may possibly be that only hearty people living in the upper midwest or those who live in Yooperland will get the jokes involving snowblower cartoons because the humor is so targeted and unique.

snowblower cartoonIf you’re able to grasp the message in my snowblower cartoon, please feel free to tweet and re-tweet this image to any of your friends and contacts if you think they can use a good laugh. I’m also available as always, to illustrate any project you have in mind where a custom cartoon is required. Visit my various portfolio links by browsing around my site and taking some time to visit the pages I make available where samples of my cartoons and illustration style is displayed for your review. Thank you!