Sneezing Cartoons

sneezing cartoons

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Sneezing cartoons are not as plentiful at DansCartoons but there are some I have created that you might find amusing. I could even create new sneeze-related gag panel cartoons for your articles or blog posts if you need something. And by clicking the colorized cartoon I provide here, you’ll access a small gallery of material for your perusal. Gesundheit!

And as the etiquette professionals tell is, if you must let a good sneeze out in a public setting, try to cover the area of your nose and mouth inside of your inner elbow so as to muffle the “spray”. I thought this tip might help, after hearing that flu season is just around the corner and many people who might be susceptible in contracting that nasty virus could use a little “sneezing tips”.

Sneeze related cartoon content available

While some of my sneezing cartoons are meant for a medical audience, they are topical enough to share and offer for potential use to newspaper editors who might need something to accompany and article or story. I am also (as always) willing to redraw anything to your liking and offer my availability to colorize anything you see here. I’d use the same color techniques and process as what you see in the two panel color cartoon of the sneezing baby in this post.

Sneezing baby cartoon also available!

Additionally, the cartoon in this article is also available for licensing. I have the raw image file and can format it for your potential usage, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have them. Contact me on my contact page using my form or email me directly at my email address on the contact form page.  Thanks for taking the **ahhh- SHOOOOO!** . . . time to visit the ToonBlog! oh yeah, and gesundheit!