Sleep Cartoons

Sleep Cartoons

Sleep cartoons are available and I wanted to profile my collection here after being reminded about a sleep study. sleep cartoonsThe study indicated people who sleep an average of only 6 hours have a waist size of at least an inch larger than those subjects who slept a total of 9 hours!

Sleeping Cartoons For Web & Print

Go figure. I thought the six hour guinea pig would have been more active from not needing as much rest, thus burning off more calories. Sleeping cartoons I offer here are a variety of situations and are available for automatic downloads if you choose the preferred licensing option.

My sleep related cartoon content would be ideal for a sleep survey or for use in a presentation about sleep apnea  or other sleeping disorders which are so prevalent in our busy world.

You’ll access a form of both clip art – types of cartoon panels including regular gag panel cartoon humor that revolves around the issue of sleep. I guarantee you won’t be getting any z’s when reviewing my cartoons as you’ll have an ample supply to browse. Additionally I offer you custom cartoons relating to sleeping, if you have a concept that you need illustrated. I can create your ideas and concepts in regular black & white line art or in full color.

Custom Sleep Cartoons Can Be Created

Since custom cartoons are my specialty, my fees are different than those which appear in the licensing option payment buttons I am making available throughout the various pages in my cartoon catalogs here.

The existing cartoons in my selection here are also available for modification. For instance there are samples of a menacing looking dog who is sleeping just outside of his dog house. That cartoon could be re-drawn to show a specific breed of sleeping dog for instance. This is an example of what I could do for you based on certain cartoons you see here, which have potential but don’t fit your project as it is right now. Contact me with any questions and thanks for visiting this collection of cartoons.


Many sleep disorders exist and although it is a serious topic, editors and journalists may be seeking quality cartoon content regarding this topic to add some light hearted humor. More work can be sent to you if you do not see what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to ask. A little extra information to assist you may be of interest if you have insomnia. Melatonin gummies are a popular remedy and come highly recommended. You may also want to shop at your local pharmacy to see what the pharmacist may recommend over the counter.