Simple Cartoons

Simple cartoons are those which consist of the most simple cartoon characters and the most basic of line art features that are rendered by the cartoonist.

simple cartoonsThis form of gag cartoon can get the attention of any cartoon editor or art director just as well as a cartoon that is illustrated with much detail and cross hatching.

Simple cartoons and simple drawings don’t need a lengthy explanation by way of a gag line underneath. Many are self explanatory and don’t need to be explained by the cartoonists who draw them.

The simplest features and those blacks and white backgrounds that a cartoonist can blend into the cartoon are what generate attention.

So many well known cartoonists have developed a style that offers up the perfect blend of blacks and whites which are incorporated into the actual characters or elements within the cartoon itself.

This includes minimal background features or the use of detail incorporated into the artwork.

Simplicity in cartooning

There have been so many professional full time cartoonists who have taken advantage of this drawing style, ranging from Mal Hancock to Otto Soglow and George Dole of New Yorker cartoonist fame to name a few.

If you are currently developing your own cartooning style, you may notice that you have a tendency to render in this specific style…..use it to your advantage. Study some of the online videos for drawing that help an artist or cartoonist understand the meaning of incorporating blacks and whites.

This discipline will have a great impact on your cartooning style and development. Note how simple line art is used in today’s comic strips. This is mainly due to the fact that comic strip artwork is reduced to such a small size in the newspapers today. Some are just four inches wide!

Simple line art attracts the eye

You can of course opt to render your cartoons in a more elaborate style and use shaded tones that are created in Photoshop. Even halftones or dotted patterns can now be applied to your cartoons by using certain functions in Photoshop.

If this allows you to feel more satisfied with developing cartoons and comic strips, then do so, and judge accordingly as to what makes your material stand out.

In general, most cartoonists spend their entire career developing a style they feel satisfied with. But in general, if you are noticing that editors are already responding to your work that you submit, use that as a gauge in deciding where and how to proceed in your cartooning career.

In summation, simple cartoons to draw take less time but if you’ve developed a style you’re comfortable with, that is all the better for you in your cartooning endeavors.