Cartoon usage at it’s simplest

Simple cartoon usage is best described as placing a chosen image in your column or page space and saving it to publish when you’re ready.simple cartoon usage It occurred to me in a recent promotion to various businesses when I received a response and she said “I like your cartoons but how do I use them?” Obviously someone new to business (and naive in a sense), but sometimes nurturing potential cartoon users is a necessary step in order to educate those who don’t realize the value of cartoons. I think I can provided it in a clear and finite description as follows.

Experiment in how to use your first cartoon

You obviously have a sense of humor and appreciate graphic humor like cartoons.Your next step in realizing how to use them is to basically take one or two, and place the cartoon panels along side your text. Are you using a specific editor? Are you using Quark or WordPress? WordPress allows you to “Add Media” and of course, cartoons are considered “media”. Experiment a bit and you’ll soon see the WordPress editor is very flexible, allowing you to “center” the image, place it to (and within) the “right” or “left” of your page/paragraph. Simple cartoon usage requires some experimentation at first!

Simple cartoon usage means living dangerously!

When it comes to utilizing cartoon panels for the first time, you definitely want to experiment and understand the impact that a single cartoon will have. For instance, let’s say you’re an author and you are writing an instructional manual or book. Each chapter has an introductory title and you can accompany that title or text with a neatly place single panel cartoon or humorous illustration. Not to large, it can over power the page and take away from your message. Leave some white space around the artwork so it’s more aesthetically pleasing to the reader. If you’re a cartoon neophyte, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask any questions.  As I tell all clients I work with….”I am here for you”! Thanks for stopping by  the ole’ ToonBlog and feel free to share this post with an associate in the publishing business who you feel could use some cartoon humor.