Sharing Cartoons

Cartoons to share with potential clients online

jester cartoonSharing cartoons  is another interesting option for web developers, bloggers and site owners. If you have regular visitors to your website you may be faced with the challenge of keeping them coming back time after time.

With people’s attention spans getting shorter and shorter, you don’t want your visitors getting bored and leaving your site never to return. Have you consider the power of cartoons?

Sharing cartoons on your site

Sharing cartoons is a clever and innovative way to keep your visitors coming back time after time. By using Dan’s daily cartoon service, you will be able to have new cartoons appear on your website each day.
We all know that after the sports pages, most people go to the cartoons when they are reading the newspaper. Now, with print media on the decrease cartoons aren’t getting the same recognition.
Imagine how delighted your visitors will be to re-ignite their passion and love of cartoons each time they visit your site. As well, cartoons appeal to a wide age group.

Children love them; adults love them; and grandpas and grandmas love them. Regardless of who your target audience is cartoons have an immediate appeal to everyone’s sense of fun.

Getting great quality cartoons is easier than you think

sharing-cartoonsWith advancements in new technologies you can share cartoons on your website every day.

You might have a set created for you or share a daily dose of humor by simply dropping in some code. As well, cartoons can be re-colored to suit the look and feel of your website too. They are no longer a static image.

They can be created to suit your individual needs. You may be a blogger specializing in medicine where using medical cartoons in your written content would be an unique addition to your format.

Or if you’re a journalist with a blog specializing in finance, cartoon content relating to banking cartoons, or financial cartoons would be the best content to enhance your writing. Images may already have gaglines pertaining to a certain story you’re writing and could be easily embedded within your stories or articles.
Aside from any specialized writing by bloggers, web developers and web designers are invited to peruse the various catalogs of cartoons offered where you may see many images that you’ll soon realize would appeal to the visitors you plan to target for your site. As always, you’re invited to ask questions and simply contact me at my business email address or use the simple contact form to reach me. If you want to talk, supply your phone number and a fast call in return is guaranteed.