Sex Cartoons

Sex Cartoons

Sex cartoons about sex. What more can be said? I offer cartoons that might be applicable in an article or blog post relating to sexual health or venereal cartoons None of the cartoons I provide here though, are considered the “hard core” genre. I feel I’d be insulting many of the visiting regulars at DansCartoons so I don’t want to offend anyone.

In the day, there were many “adult” related magazines that liked to publish the single panel gag cartoon and I had several editors considering my work at the time. I recall many of the editors names still to this day. Nye Willden had edited for many of the Dugent Publications down in Florida. Jared Rutter was the cartoon editor for Velvet magazine in Los Angeles and porn actress Gloria Leonard was editing High Society at the time, along with another cartoon editor Pat Reshen who also edited another men’s title there called Celebrity Skin.

Magazines publishing adult cartoon humor

There were other magazines running “girly” content such as Easyriders and Iron Horse magazines out in Malibu, California who were big aficionados of the single panel gag cartoon. Their publishing company name was Paisano Publications and the cartoon editor Hal Robinson was a biker himself. I say “was” since Hal has passed away back in 1984. Not to mention Hal himself, was an accomplished cartoonist in his own right. He also did alot of illustration work and designed posters.

Soft core sex cartoons were plentiful

A big soft core publisher was SRI Publishing based in Texas who published an all-cartoon monthly called Sex To Sexty and then there was also Charlton Publishing in Derby, Connecticut that published many monthly titles using soft core sex cartoons. The cartoon editor for all of those publications was JoAnn Sardo. The gag panel market for much of this kind of humor has waned over the years. In fact many of the best known magazines that actually made gag panel cartoons popular (or vice versa!), have since stopped using cartoons due to lack of finances due to publications shifting to a digital presence. Playboy magazine is one of many that comes to mind.


None the less, the humor is still out there for this genre and you can still luckily find alot of it archived online for your enjoyment. Long live the girly cartoons.