Self Syndicating Cartoon Panels

Self Syndicating Cartoon Panels

self syndicating cartoon panelsSelf syndicating cartoons to the newspaper market may still be a viable option. How well you might succeed in getting editors to show an interest in your work is anyone’s guess and you won’t  know unless you take that jump.
This old article that appeared in a previous issue of the Syndicates / News Services in Editor & Publisher magazine is one that intrigued me and I wanted to add this as an addendum to a previous post I had published in regards to self syndication.

Promote your self syndication business via your own syndicate

Take note of the creator Peter Kohlsaat who was actually syndicated by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate which was a well known and revered distributor of content to the newspaper business back then.
In any case, Kohlsaat also dove into the self syndication business while another feature was being handled by then syndicate LATS (as it was referred to in the newspaper business). His self syndicated venture was a panel cartoon entitled ‘The Nooz’ that he distributed as a daily feature. Pretty impressive, considering the fact that the rigors of a daily feature combined with his other feature ‘Single Slices’ was already being done for LATS.

Cartoonists who self syndicate

Equally impressive was the fact that he had some impressive subscribers mentioned in this news release….The Aspen Daily News, Baltimore Evening Sun, Trenton Times and others. Also take note, Kohlsaat left the dental profession to undertake this cartooning venture. It goes without saying that if you want to get your cartoons published, you need to go after it. Kohlsaat was doing it!
Now with the access to the internet, cartoonists have way more options. My advice? Use the web and technology to your advantage!