Self Promotional Cartoon Marketing Techniques

Self Promotional Cartoon Marketing Techniques

self promotional cartoon marketing

Yooper Bloopers received National exposure in Editor & Publisher magazine

Self promotional cartoon marketing techniques now involve the cartoonist to use the internet to his or her advantage. I was sorting through old tearsheets and stumbled upon this press release in regards to self promotional tactics that I was using 30 years ago. I decided to share a portion of that information in the hopes that it can help new cartoonists seeking ways to market their own work and possibly use it as a form of inspiration in today’s digital age. That year seems quite a while ago, but I was always using marketing and ways to self promote my cartoons and services. This appeared in Editor & Publisher magazine which was a well known and well respected national trade journal that was published weekly and sent across the United States and Canada to every daily newspaper publisher and editor and to weekly and bi-weekly newspapers alike.

Newspaper trade journal that profiled cartooning

It was also received by syndicates, authors, journalists, writers and all others involved in the newspaper trade. I was able to get extra “traction” and add credibility to my cartoon offerings after this was published. The editor of this part of the magazine was David Astor who always was kind and generous in running the various press releases I gave him to consider for the magazine. David has previously written for Huffington Post and has authored various books. Learn more at  his extensive literature blog (oh, and he’s a fan of U2 – another reason to like him!)

Cartoons can be promoted via display ads in trade magazines

I had also advertised my cartoon packages within it’s advertising section that also helped me to get additional subscribers to my features. If cartoonists are planning to promote their work now, they need only to go online and contact editors directly . . . something which wasn’t prevalent or even in use back then. Now if press releases are sent out, you don’t need to have something published in a magazine. You can write your own release and send it to a press release agency that will distribute that information for you.

Self promoting cartoonists need to focus on their niche

The scene has shifted, to such an extent that you have to focus your efforts in a more laser-like focus too. There are “niches” in which you ought to keep in mind. Many elements exist that should be employed in order to have them working in your favors – a well built web site giving you a web presence in your chosen discipline, sending out press releases on a quarterly basis to a specific list of press release agencies, enhance that by mailing hard copy press releases to trade journals in your niche. Set up a direct-mail send out of promotional brochures to advertising agencies, graphic design firms and other similar recipients.

It’s worth noting also, that on this page next to my press release is a release for the 1990 Humor and Cartoon Markets book published by Writer’s Digest Books which was edited by cartoonist and humorous illustrator Bob Staake who himself was also self-syndicating packages of his own cartoon features at the time. Bob used to keep in touch and send me his tips and feedback on promotional ideas we’d exchange information on. The last I had seen him was on a national television commercial advertising for Intel. Keep in mind you need to cover as many bases when it comes to your self promotional cartoon marketing