Gag Cartoon Selection Made Easy

Selecting cartoons is made simpler here at DansCartoons where you can preview the cartoons of interest by click on the thumbnails or pointing your cursor arrow over an image of interest to see a larger version of that cartoon. selecting cartoonsThe browser you’re using may also make a difference so please keep that in mind. The internet doesn’t always perform the way we feel it should. Even the size of your monitor will play an impact on your selecting cartoons. Hopefully the bullet points to follow will make it easier to understand how simple it is to browse through various gag panel cartoons I offer and how easy it is to pay for and then download your chosen cartoon art of choice. Cartoons can always be edited to your liking and even have color added if you have a special project in mind. If questions come to mind, contact me anytime and I always guarantee a fast response.

If you’re in a hurry selecting cartoons

  • Navigate to my central cartoon catalog selection page
  • On right of page navigate to ‘Cartoon Categories
  • Navigate through listing to find your category of interest
  • When chosen catalog opens you’ll see various thumbnails
  • Clicking any thumbnail of interest takes you to another page
  • That page offers you a larger version of cartoon + licensing information
  • Note there are three separate licensing options to choose from
  • Based on chosen option, you’re taken to a shopping cart page
  • That page allows you to enter your credit card information safely
  • Any purchase is secure and encrypted for your convenience
  • After completing checkout and paying you receive a download link

The download link is sent to you after you checkout and complete your credit card info that allows you to pay in my PayPal. The link provides you with a high resolution JPEG of the chosen cartoon that will be over two thousand pixels in width.

Conveniently browse and select cartoons of interest

Convenient for your intended usage because it allows you to save the file on your system so you can insert it into the column width of your digital newsletter, your web editing program, your presentation layout and much more. If you’re on the go, you could store the image file on a small thumb or USB drive to retrieve on a separate computer later.


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