Science consultant cartoons

Science consultant cartoons for your audience are available! I’ve published my cartoon gag panels in years past in such publications as Science Digest, ChemTech magazine and consultant cartoons

If you need science cartoons or laboratory scientist cartoons, contact me at my email address on the contact form or fill out the form itself and I will respond as soon as possible.

I can attach a folder of cartoons based on any kind of subject matter if you can’t find it directly in any of the web catalogs throughout my site.  Also if you want to verbally talk about a special project that needs illustrating, provide me with a phone number to call you at.

Custom scientist and lab cartoons available

I will return the call immediately or as soon as I get your email request.

If you want any cartoons recreated in a certain way, this is also doable. Tell me what you envision, how to re-draw the cartoon content and I would attach that cartoon as a rough sketch.

E#xisting cartoons I offer throughout my cartoon catalogs are a special segment of what I offer, but I like to reiterate the fact that custom cartoons are my forte!

Lab technician cartoon content created

You might be a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry or work for a laboratory that consults across the country. Think about using cartoons in your presentations.

Have you ever used cartoons like these before? Have you considered the value of humor when added to your print project or speaking engagement?

I specialize in laboratory science cartoons so you’ve come to the right place! Cartoon logos relating to this topic can be created, clip art cartoons about science are also available for your newsletters, social media campaigns and much more.

Thanks for taking the time to view my lab comics!