School cartoon humor about education

School cartoon humor for web or print projects are available.  I can assist any special needs you might have for acquiring school and teacher cartoons.
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I’ve worked with many education associations across the country in years past. Many publishing their own regional newsletters that used my single panel gag cartoons before.

Teaching cartoons and school cartoon humor for reprinting

I’ve also illustrated clip art that school systems utilized across the country for their regional magazines and publications too.

Aside from those references, I have illustrated directly for well known education related publishing companies such as Cengage Learning and Pearson Educational Publishing.

If you need school cartoon content in the form of funny cartoon pictures and gag panels, let me know. Teacher cartoons or educational cartoon humor is readily available for your consideration!

Cartoons about school and teaching can be illustrated!

Ask any questions you may have and send me an email with your business phone number if we need to talk. I will call you as soon as you request it! Need any type of quote for a special custom illustration or cartoon?

school classroom cartoons

Just ask, no projects is too big or too small.

I have also had many education cartoons reprinted in special textbooks by textbook publishers.

I also have a variety of existing single panel school cartoon images that are ideal for what you might be looking for.

Any cartoon in my collection is available for cartoon colorization or editing cartoons to your preference is not a problem.

All you need to do is tell me what needs to be altered, re-written or re-captioned, and I’ll do the rest.

The color cartoon of the classroom full of students was a commemorative cartoon for a teacher.

It was done under the art direction of the principal to present as a gift to the teacher.

Multiple prints were also made for each student.