Scent strip allergy cartoons about allergies

Scent strip allergy cartoons seem like a bizarre topic.

scent strip allergy cartoons

Actually my cartoon featuring a doctor consulting with one of his patients about a potential allergy he may have to those scent strips in magazines could actually be a valid subject!

When I began investing time to produce an archive of single panel gag cartoons about medicine, I wanted to cover diverse subjects.

This cartoon is one of them and I am featuring it as yet another of my cartoons available for licensing. I think it’s a good idea, because lot of people have allergies.

Custom allergy cartoons are also available

I personally, am lucky, I could walk through clouds of pollen all day and it wouldn’t bother me. I have no breathing problems or am allergic to anything mother nature has to throw at me.

But subject wise, if you take time to browse my catalog of medical cartoon panels, I try to be diverse.

Topics relating to insurance cartoons, topics relating to the cost of medicine itself, or some of my cartoons relate to doctors who are ignorant.

I first began selling my medical cartoons to association newsletters where I felt that competition was less, therefore increasing my odds of selling something to one or more of these publications.

Medical cartoons of all types can be reviewed

Some were small circulation newsletters while other were larger more well known publications like The American Medical News and Medical Economics.

There was also a Canadian humor magazine published for doctors and other medical professionals that had a great appreciation for cartoonists and single panel gag cartoons.

The name of that publication was Stitches for Doctors. I recall they had Lynn Johnston of For Better Or For Worse fame, illustrate a cover cartoon in full color.

It was a slick looking glossy and I thought they were soon to become the newest big user of gag panel cartoon content.

Such was not the case, but I digress! I continued selling my cartoons for other association monthlies in the medical field and decided to archive as many of them as I felt possible after the internet became popular.

Now, here I am writing an article about one of them, the scent strip allergy cartoon featured here!